Wine Plus+ offers a wide range of consulting services from hosting your seminars and corporate events to helping you improve your wine business. 

Rhys Pender MW has extensive experience in the wine business on an international scale and can use these skills to help bridge the gap between you and the customer.

This can be achieved by updating your winemaking and viticulture techniques to help produce profitable wine styles that meet the trends of the challenging consumer market, or it may be honing and developing your marketing materials to effectively get your message across.

With the long timeframes associated with the wine business, many decisions will impact an operation for decades. It is essential to make the right decisions the first time to avoid costly change or ongoing difficulty managing a project. Wine Plus+ can help you make the right decisions.

Wine Plus+ specializes in:

  • Corporate Events – Rhys Pender MW can host your corporate wine events and wine tours in person or online.
  • Educational Seminars – developing & delivering educational seminars for wineries, generic bodies, agencies and distributors to public and the trade.
  • Staff Training – making programs specific to the needs of your business.
  • Blending Consulting – use Rhys’s trained palate to help create successful blends
  • New business start-ups – business planning for vineyard & winery developments.
  • Marketing and public relations – building and executing a successful marketing plan and authoring marketing and public relations documents
  • Cellar Door Strategies & Evaluations
  • Wine Quality Evaluations
  • Food & Wine Pairing

Wine Plus+ provides consultancy for:

  • Wineries
  • Generic & Regional Wine Bodies
  • Importers/Agencies
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate Groups
  • Airlines

Rhys Pender has extensive experience throughout the world of wine. His international training towards the Master of Wine (MW) qualification provides a thorough understanding of the global wine business and the various challenges and opportunities that exist.

Wine Plus+ and Rhys Pender MW have completed numerous wine projects in British Columbia and around the world. Rhys has consulted on new business developments in the Okanagan Valley and Lower Mainland as well as working on wine buying projects for clients as diverse as major international hotel chains and airlines.

The Wine Plus+ Consulting service is committed to advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. Call Rhys at +1.250.317.8796 to discuss how we can help.